Chromotherapy Shower Head: Your Personal Spa

Having the right bathroom fixtures can not only help you feel relaxed and comfortable in your own home but give you a boost of energy and comfort before continuing with your day. This is particularly true if you choose a chromotherapy shower head. Read on to learn more about some of the amazing benefits that chromotherapy can have on both your mind and body, and why choosing a chromotherapy shower attachment is a great option for your next bathroom project.

What is chromotherapy and how can it help you?

Also known as color therapy, chromotherapy is based on the various healing benefits of colors and how the body responds to different types of color. It aims to use color as a stimulation technique to bring about balance and induce a positive state of mind. According to research, there are 4 major benefits of chromotherapy:

  1. It can promote healthy sleep cycles
  2. It can help alieve aches and pains like headaches or muscle pains
  3. It stimulates the central nervous system
  4. It provides an overall energy ‘recharge’ both physically and mentally

Chromotherapy Color Meanings

If you’re exploring the world of chromotherapy and considering adding some color to your showers to reap some of the extra benefits, it’s always a good step to know what the various colors represent. 

  • Orange is said to help shore up moods against depression and relieve exhaustion
  • Green is calming and encouraging, and particularly useful for enhancing sleep
  • Yellow is packed with energy and brings forward enthusiasm and positive outlooks
  • Purple helps activate the imagination
  • Blue promotes serenity and peace and can help relieve muscle tension

Combining Colors and Scents

Luckily, with most shower head fixtures, there’s no need to choose only one specific color for your chromotherapy. There are many different and customizable options so that you can have a range from colors that promote calmness and relaxation to ones that provide energy and excitement for the day ahead. Additionally, pairing your chromotherapy shower head with additional body jets and water blade fittings to enhance your relaxation or energy maximizing is a great way to encourage the senses to work together for your desired impact. 

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