If you are a fan of the minimalist aesthetic, chances are you want your house to reflect that too. Your bathroom is a great place to start.

Bathrooms can be a haven for mess and clutter. Toiletries, medicines, hair tools, grooming tools, hair products, skin products, products we never intend to use – the list of things that magically pile up in the bathroom is seemingly endless. The idea of a clean, clutter-free bathroom with not a single toiletry insight may seem like a utopian dream, but it isn’t entirely impossible. With just a few simple changes and upgrades, like getting wall-hung vanity tops, you can transform your bathroom into a clean, organized minimalist space.

In minimalism, less is more, and that means you need to get rid of everything that you do not use or won’t use in the near future. So, go through your shelves and cabinets and just toss out all things that don’t need to be there, whether it the hairdryer you haven’t used in a decade or the face cream that makes you break out. You can either give them to someone else or just toss them out.

Create smart storage.
Next, you must create storage solutions to ensure that your bath essentials and other stuff can be kept hidden away, out of sight. You can add wooden cabinets so that even the tiniest bottle of eye cream has its proper place. If you don’t have cabinets, we suggest you get one.

Use the walls.
Another way to reduce the cluttered and busy feel in your bathroom is by opening up the floor space. You can do that by using your walls. Get a wall-mount vanity that can be easily hung up on the wall, leaving the space below is empty. You can also mount shelves on the walls for storage.

Go all white.
White is always a winner when it comes to getting a minimalist aesthetic. Paint your walls and cabinets white. Install a white vanity. If the space feels too sparse, you can always add little pops of color with accessories and plants. For the floor, go with a monochrome choice in tile color.

Choose sleek fixtures.
The fixtures are another important aspect of bathroom design. So, when picking out your light fixtures, faucets, showers, and so on, make sure you refrain from choosing ornate designs. Classic fixtures with clean lines and shapes are the best choice.

Make these simple changes and you will be surprised by the difference they make in how your bathroom looks and feels.