RAIN THERAPY – The art of light and the power of water…

PSCBath offers shower fittings created to ensure functionality and durability while blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of contemporary design. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this complete product line has been developed to perfection and manufactured exclusively in Italy by our expert partner factories.
The “Made in Italy” label has always been synonymous with luxury, quality and creativity and each of our partner factories maintain a strong sense of traditional craftsmanship which is characterized in their unique sense of style. Their technical departments are always searching for new product ideas and ways to improve on existing products to keep offerings current and fresh.
In addition to unparalleled design, products comply with stringent North American standards and incorporate technologies designed to reduce water consumption. These rain therapy showerheads are made with only top-quality materials and are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment. Special attention is paid to the development of alternative materials while care is given to ensure that products do not contain any toxic substances.
The bathroom is a place of wellness, self-care and relaxation, and the shower is the focal point of this oasis. We are proud to provide our customers with this unique high-end collection of luxury therapy showerhead fittings each designed to offer daily enjoyment while incorporating creativity and superior technical expertise.

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