STAR – MOD. PS IDV 278612

STAR freestanding bathtub with overflow, bathtub rim 3/4″ thick edge.
Dimensions: 67 x 28″, 22″ high, 386 Lbs. Water cap. 76 Gal. Adjustable feet.
Color: matte white and matte white trim on drain cover, p-trap included.
Material: solid surface is an ultra-innovative material composed of aluminum tri-hydrates (bauxite derivative) and polyacrylic / polyester resins.
Homogeneous and compact, resistant, non porous, 100% water-proof, highly resilient, hygienic, non-toxic.

Also available in larger size, see PS IDV 278922: 71 x30″, 23″ high. Bathtub rim 3/4″ thick edge. 452 Lbs. Water cap. 82 Gal.