Modern Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs

Let PSCBath introduce you to IDEAVIT and AquaDesign freestanding bathtubs.
These two brands from the Netherlands and Belgium, respectively, offer unique designs and extensive product lines. Both have factory development teams who regularly join forces with highly regarded designers known for their minimalistic and simplistic sense of style.
And just as each bathroom has its own style, each fixture has the common theme of modern comfort, durability, and technical excellence coupled with just a splash of hedonism. These products bring charm and function together and the result is unparalleled elegance, innovation and functionality.
A freestanding bathtub creates a welcoming environment with unique, cutting-edge design as the focal point providing the “piece de resistance” for your bathroom. We offer the most current, innovative and extensive designs of freestanding bathtubs on the market while incorporating the latest materials available.
The IDEAVIT collection of freestanding bathtubs in solid surface material offers bathtubs of various shapes and designs. Solid surface material has become a sought after and innovative material popular for its durability and ease of maintenance while its matte white finish is stylish, clean and crisp.
From leather skin upholstery to exteriors clad with Sicis mosaic or gold and silver leaf finishes to the Swarovski Strass crystals diamond bath, if you are looking for a unique and opulent design, you will find it in these exceptional masterpiece for your project. No expense is spared to reach a true state of luxury in the design and manufacture of these exquisite works of art.
Together with our partner factories we strive to maintain the highest standard of quality on all custom designs developed for high-end residential and commercial projects or any commissioned by the architecture and design communities. Prospective and existing customers, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you, have your feed-back and assist you with your project.

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