Protect, Save and Care about our planet

PSCBATH is proud to be an eco-friendly company who really does care about our planet. As a result we exercise much caution in the selection of the products we distribute and we try to propose project solutions that contribute to the protection of our environment.


  • ‐ Glue which is used by manufacturers is not harmful to the environment.
  • ‐ Left over materials from the fabrication of bathtub are used to fabricate other products. No waste!

Water-saving products:

We offer an Eco-efficiency collection of faucets:

  • ‐ Ecoplus is a system that offers the option of a water saver function: different positions of the lever handle (0-1/2-1).
  • ‐ A flow restrictor is also available to reduce the flow of water supplied.

Energy-saving products:

  • ‐ Our LED collection is an extremely energy efficient products with no mercury, a low power consumption and which have a longer life than all other lighting. 10,000 hours for LED versus 2,500 hours for halogen.
  • ‐ Many of our fittings and furniture are made from ceramic, porcelain and glass. Recycled or brand new, a majority of those materials are not harmful for the environment. New technologies allow manufacturers to yield their waste do zero!


  • ‐ Our plumbing products are manufactured in Europe. For many years, European regulations have been much more rigid in terms of protection of the environment. Currently the maximum lead allowed is at 25 ?g/Qt of water, upcoming laws on the content of lead in the brass will cap that content to a maximum of 10 ?g/Qt of water. The Californian AB 1953 has set that maximum to of 25 ?g/Qt of water.