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PSCBath offers a collection of luxury counter vessels in solid surface material and fine wood species for your remodeling project.

These products have been carefully selected in partnership with our factories looking at bringing luxury lovers an unsurpassed experience with the beauty of the product.

You will enjoy a carefully crafted product where sophistication has been at the core of the product design, we wish you to enjoy it every day.

Ideavit Solid Surface Vessels

EGO PS-ID 280179 Vessels
EGO PS-ID 280179

Round washbsasin. 24x16x4 inch - 29 Lbs

EGO PS-ID 280180 Vessels
EGO PS-ID 280180

Round washbsasin. 16x16x4 inch - 13 Lbs

FORM PS-ID 277027 Vessels
FORM PS-ID 277027

Rectangular washbasin 27x14x4 inch - 18 Lbs

FOX PD-ID 278920 Vessels
FOX PD-ID 278920

Round washbasin 14x14x4 inch - 9 Lbs

JAZZ PS-ID 278599 Vessels
JAZZ PS-ID 278599

Elongated washbsasin. 24x14x4 inch - 15Lbs

JOY PS IDV 290026 Vessels
JOY PS IDV 290026

Rectangular counter vessel 29-1/2 wide 14-3/4 deep 4-3/8 high, Edge thickness 1/4. Grid drain & P-trap not included.

MOOD PS-ID 277035 Vessels
MOOD PS-ID 277035

Rectangular washbasin 24x16x4 inch - 28 Lbs

PURE PS ID-277041 Vessels
PURE PS ID-277041

Rectangular washbasin 20x12x4 inch - 18 Lbs

QUOD PD-IS 281619 Vessels
QUOD PD-IS 281619

Round washbasin. 17x17x6 inch - 22 Lbs.

QUOD PD-IS 281620 Vessels
QUOD PD-IS 281620

Elongated washbasin. 24x16x6 inch - 29 Lbs.

SHELL PS-ID 277029 Vessels
SHELL PS-ID 277029

Rectangular washbasin. 24x15x6 inch - 14 Lbs

SQUARE PS IDV 278598 Vessels

Rectangular washbasin 24x16x4 inch - 30 Lbs

THIN PS-ID 280181 Vessels
THIN PS-ID 280181

Round washbasin. 15x15x6 inch - Edge thickness 1/4 inch - 10 Lbs.

THIN PS-ID 281616 Vessels
THIN PS-ID 281616

Elongated washbasin 24x14x4 inch - 21 Lbs

THIN PS-ID 281617 Vessels
THIN PS-ID 281617

Round washbsasin. 16x16x5 inch - 17 Lbs

THIN PS-ID 290090 Vessels
THIN PS-ID 290090

Square counter vessel. 16x16x5 inch - 18 Lbs

THIN-OV/G PS IDV 290030 Vessels

Ovale counter vessel 24 wide 15-3/4 deep 5-3/4 high, Edge thickness 1/4. Grid drain & P-trap not included

THIN-PS ID 281618 Vessels
THIN-PS ID 281618

Rectangular washbasin 20x14x5 inch - 19 Lbs

TOP PS-ID277030 Vessels
TOP PS-ID277030

Rectangular washbasin. 24x16x6 inch - 24 Lbs

TOP PS-ID277031 Vessels
TOP PS-ID277031

Rectangular washbasin. 31x16x6 inch - 46 Lbs

TRAY PS-ID 278595 Vessels
TRAY PS-ID 278595

Rectangular washbasin. 25x15x5 inch - 22 Lbs

TREND PS-ID 277028 Vessels
TREND PS-ID 277028

Round basin 20x20x4 inch - 24 Lbs

TREND PS-ID 278596 Vessels
TREND PS-ID 278596

Square basin 17x17x4 inch - 15 Lbs

Aquamass Vessels

PS ST01 COWS Vessels

Aquamass Stone 1 Vessel in compolight and natural cow skin farm raised outside. Also available in crocodile and ostrich skins.

PS ST01 CROC Vessels

Aquamass Stone 1 Vessel in Compolight and Crocodile skin outside

PS ST01 GO&W Vessels

Aquamass Stone 1 Vessel sink in compolight shown in gold leafs finish ouside. Also available in gold leafs finish outside and inside.

Wood counter vessels

PS RIM-MA Vessels

Rimba counter vessel 39 wide shown in maple.

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